Dreaming of having no debt?

Life would be great if we won the lotto and had no financial worries.  You dream of not worrying about money, living debt-free, buy the things your kids want, no fighting over money with your spouse and travel to places on your bucket list.  Plus, you sleep peacefully.  Oh, to dream.

Reality is many of us wake up each day and struggle with what life throws at us.  Everything costs money.  Your credit card balances prove it!  You juggle between family responsibilities of putting food on the table and demands of everyday life of kids wanting to be part of everything going on in town.  You feel like you are always saying “no” as you cannot afford it.  If you do say yes, then you are trying to figure out how to pay for it.  Overwhelmed is one word to describe how you are feeling.

You want to feel more positive and more in control of your life and finances.  This is what winning the lotto is all about.  Can you feel like this without winning the lotto?  Yes, you can!  It is possible to get this positive feeling by setting goals and making plans for you and your household.

Did you know: if you averaged $40,000/year annual salary over 30 years, it would be the same as winning $1.2 million.

A $5 lotto ticket has had a one in 28,633,528 chance at winning at least $15 million.  Reality is the $5 spent buying a lotto ticket is better spent on groceries or emergency savings.    Many of us have better odds of finding a job and regular income.  Gambling does not solve your financial problems, it only has great odds of creating more personal and financial problems.

It is always good to have goals to work towards, but reality is it is tough to reach your goals.  Also, once you reach them, you do need to still work at maintaining them.  That is a little myth about winning the lotto- life is not “poof” magically perfect.  You still must plan, make sound financial decisions and track your costs so you do not spend all your winnings.  So, winning the lotto, is not the fix- it’s a temporary relief.  You still need to do the work of setting a financial plan, living within your means and have savings available for unexpected events.  Reality is, you can do this!

We can help you design a financial plan to fit your family obligations while planning to be debt free and financially healthy.  We can help guide you to find ways to reduce household costs, plan for expenses and help you reach your goals.  It is possible.  Your paycheck is your lotto winnings- you just need to work at spending it the best way possible.

Remember “It takes two to tango”!  The key to financial success in your household is to have everyone in agreement and be willing to compromise.  So, when everyone agrees and understands the family financial plan, it is easier to say “No” as they understand.  They may also not ask as much either.

The first step must be yours!  Call Rita Anderson & Associates today to help you set a plan to achieve a happier financial life. Contact us