Financial Health Checkup

Warning Signs of Declining Financial Health

Financial difficulty rarely happens unexpectedly. The majority of the time there are warning signs which slowly build up if constructive changes are not made. Many times we do have options but do not know the warning signs or how to make the necessary changes.

Warning signs of financial difficulty

Silent Warning Signings of Financial Difficulty
Major Warning Signings of Financial Difficulty

Your Results:

You show some early warning signs of financial difficulty.

It's important to get ahead of your finances and make sure you have the tools to prevent significant financial difficulties. Our team is experienced and can advise you on tips to help set you up for success.

Your Results:

You show some major signs of financial difficulty.

But you've come to the right place! Our experts are here to help guide you back to financial security.

If you experience a major warning sign or are always living with many of the silent warning signs, you need to meet with a financial counsellor to review ways to gain control of your financial health.

We are talking about health and finances together for a reason. It is very common for people in financial difficulty to have their health affected by financial stress. It is important that you advise your doctor if you are experiencing financial difficulty and getting help if you have health issues. The stress brought on by financial difficulty can show up in your health in many ways.

We have heard of clients who have had their financial stress aggravate their:

  • High blood pressure
  • Skin rashes
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable bowel
  • Headaches
  • Panic/anxiety attacks

This is why it is important to watch for the warning signs of financial difficulty. If you can avoid the warning signs then it can help you lead a healthier life both personally and financially.


The desire and dream to give your family more than what you had is a bucket list item for every parent and guardian. We understand that putting your loved ones first can be taxing on both your emotional state and financial standing. It’s a daunting, daily task to work harder to provide the best in a world where everything from the price of milk to mortgage payments continue to climb. Let us help you balance your books at home, budget for everyday life and make those dreams come true for both you and your family.

Dream big. We can show you how. call (902) 539-8200 or click here to book an appointment.

Seasonal & Part Time Workers

In Cape Breton, seasonal and part time work is a normal way of life. The sporadic and unpredictable nature of seasonal and part time work can potentially place undue strain on a personal or family finances. Budgeting can become difficult since income is inconsistent. Whatever the circumstances, we have seen many instances where seasonal or part time workers have accrued significant debt. Debt problems get worse the longer they are left, so call us today and take the first step in gaining control of your financial future.

There are 365 in a year. Let us help you plan for all of them. call (902) 539-8200 or click here to book an appointment.


The economic realities of the world have changed drastically. Longer life spans, higher prices and shrinking pensions have placed many seniors in difficult financial situations. In addition, uncertain job markets have meant that some seniors have grown children in need of financial support. No matter the reason, we understand your situation and are here to help.

Asking for help is part of life. No matter the situation. call (902) 539-8200 or click here to book an appointment.


For many young people, acquiring debt is an unavoidable part of life. Student loans, car payments and credit cards are all realities of youth. Often, the plan is to pay down debt when you land a good job. Finding a good job can take time and sometimes the pay is not what you expected. A high debt load doesn’t have to haunt you for years.

Let us deal with your debt so you can live your life. call (902) 539-8200 or click here to book an appointment.


We understand that it often takes more than hard work and a good idea to start a viable business. Often owners must incur significant debt to get stared. The plan is to pay back that debt with strong profits. Unpredictable factors can often derail those plans. Downturns in the economy, supply issues, new competitors, and pricing pressures can all play a part in a plan going awry. Mounting debt doesn’t have to mean the end of your business.

Focus on your business. Let us help with your finances. call (902) 539-8200 or click here to book an appointment.