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When to Seek Credit Counselling – The Early Warning Signs

Financial problems can seem to creep up on us out of nowhere. It's surprising how many people seem to be doing fine with their finances and then within a fairly short amount of time they encounter serious financial difficulties. Many times, the truth

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Christmas on a Budget: 7 Tips from the Trenches

With only a few weeks before Christmas we’ve got some tips to help you manage your budget, your spending, and your stress. General Tip for All Occasions: Set an overall budget for Christmas then break down a budget for each person you’ll be bu

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7 Creative Options to Reduce Debt

Use credit card rewards or cash back to pay off debt Your credit card probably helped you get into debt, so why not use it to help you get out of debt? If you have a cash-back card, claim your cash-back rewards every month and use the mone

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4 Easy Ways to Live Within Your Means

1. Know your means. Keep track of all income and expenses, including all forms of income (including  Child Tax, etc.) and all fixed expenses (rent, car, bills, food, insurance, etc.) If those numbers don’t match, then you need to start getting c

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5 tips to avoid hurting your future financial self during Covid19

  1. Don’t defer payment on anything you can afford to keep up While many banks are offering deferrals, they come with a price. Paying extra interest on interest to get a deferral when you have the money to cover your mortgage (even if t