4 Easy Ways to Live Within Your Means

1. Know your means.
Keep track of all income and expenses, including all forms of income (including  Child Tax, etc.) and all fixed expenses (rent, car, bills, food, insurance, etc.)
If those numbers don’t match, then you need to start getting creative – give us a call and we can help right away.

2. Cut expenses and simplify your groceries
Grocery bills are one of the easiest to control, and one of the first to get out of hand, especially with people eating at home more. A few tips to cut down on your groceries:

  • Make a meal plan and a grocery list (and stick to it!)
  • Instead of buying convenience food, buy ingredients

3. Look at the level and style of your “wants”
You do need some joy in your plan if you’re going to stick to it, so often the easiest way to cut down on expenses is not to eliminate areas, but find cheaper alternatives for the things you love! A few tips to keep the love flowing without the price tag:

  • Instead of a Starbucks coffee for $6, get a Tim’s for $2.
  • Shop on sale or in second hand stores
  • Pay for clothing and shoe repairs instead of buying new

Other creative money savers:

  • Get creative with your vacations, plan group vacations for different packages and rates, and shop the deals for flights. And think ahead – planning and saving for your vacations in advance can be a great way to save money, get the best deals, and not scrimp on fun.
  • If your kids play sports at a competitive level, start thinking outside the box on ways to lower the costs – fundraising, volunteering, bartering are all great ways to be involved while saving money.
    Having the team book rooms at group rates, and planning trips and tournaments in advance can help to offset those unexpected bills through the season as well.
  • Shop around for products that are on sale, or even look at no name products – often the same company will sell the same item at different price points with different brand names – trying new things can add up to big savings.

4. Avoid impulse buying
One easy way to cut down on expenses is to remove impulse spending – which can be easier said than done. A few ways to keep your spending in check:

  • Remove the Amazon app from your phone
  • Implement the 72 hour rule for all non-essential purchases – if you wait 72 hours, often the desire fades, and you also get a chance to shop around for a better deal!